MH18 Khimar MUNIRA Bahan Ceruty Premium


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MH18 Khimar MUNIRA Bahan Ceruty Premium
– sifat bahan : halus, lembut, jatuh saat dipakai, nyaman dan tidak nerawang
– pet busa
– model serut samping
-2 layer model depan lancip
Warna : cappucino, hitam, dusty pink, pink dw, bata, tosca, baby blue, silver, hijau fuji
Size Chart :
Pd : 62cm
Pb : 139cm
Harga : Rp. 199.000

Additional information

Weight 0.270 kg

baby blue, bata, cappucino, dusty pink, hijau fuji, hitam, marun, pink dw, silver, tosca


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